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DARK SIDE DATING – compilation

Back in December we created 3 Dark Side Dating videos featuring Kylo Ren, Sheev Palpatine, and TK – 421 (Big TK) so to synch it up a bit… here is a supercut/compilation of those videos. We hope you get a laugh out of the satire, and if you do please hit the like and subscribe buttons.

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Curse of the Werehuahua

We are 2 weeks away from starting production on Curse of the Werehuahua, a Comedy/Horror film being shot in SLC and surrounding areas.

Official Image – Copyright Millquas Productions 2020

“Werehuahua” written by Lucas Millhouse and Jake Harenberg, documents the story of 2 best friends who must navigate the perils of an ancient curse as soon as one of them is bitten by a radioactive chihuahua. What’s short, hairy, and will wreck your Friday night? Find and follow the production on FB to find out!

Featuring many familiar faces and some new local acting talent including but not limited to Aleks Ignjatovic, Jonathan Tate, Brittany Shamy, Megan Golden, Bakir Mehinovic, and Lucas Millhouse.

Curse of the Werehuahua is a Millquas Production and Millquas’ 4th feature film expected to be in theaters in early October.

GENTRI – Tuacahn Mini Documentary

November 9, 2019 we had the opportunity to go down and shoot behind the scenes of Gentri – The Gentleman Trio at the 1,920 seat auditorium of Tuacahn. St George offers a fantastic backdrop for any show that plays in the red rocks and cliff faces of Tuacahn.

In this 10 minute profile piece, you will get to see some behind the scenes of Gentri, and learn why they love being in the music industry so much.

Learn more about GENTRYmusic at and

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Directors Reel

A Colorado native that left the heart of the Rockies to pursue an acting career and study Shakespeare in Cedar City, Utah. Lucas realized his interest in comedy, directing, and improvisational performance at SUU. Spending 4 years rounding out his education he decided to move home where he landed a job at a local news station. Being exposed to cameras and editing sparked his interest in creating his first short film, Yard Sale. He grabbed a few friends, a camera and filmed in his back yard.

A few years later, the academic pursuits resumed at WSU in Ogden UT. There he finished his Acting/Directing degree pursuits, creating several spoof films for the theater department.

A year after graduating, Lucas led his team to victory in his second 24 hour film festival with Sociable + Polite. This led to several more short films including Zombo, A Documented Incident (Winner best Mocumentary Salty Horror Film Festival.) Whip Brawler (Official Selection – Salt Lake Comedy Film Fest, Salt Lake Comic Con Film Festival 2014) and Pegasus Hunter (Official Selection – The Block FF, Finalist Utah Film Festival 2017)

Lake’s 7 and the Golden Gun is Lucas’ 3rd feature film and will enjoy a screening release in Megaplex Theaters starting August 30, 2019 in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

Lucas currently resides in Salt Lake City and is a regular performer with Quick Wits improv and is a full time Writer / Producer / Director.

A Frosty Romance

Ever wonder what would happen if you combined the DC universe with a Disney princess? Well here’s one rendition to consider. Check out A Frosty Romance Starring Kat Nelson as Elsa and Blake Martin as Mr. Freeze.

Westeros Birthdays!

Ever wondered what a Game of Thrones themed birthday would look like? Check out our video below!

Do you even Cosplay, Bro?

We had a blast at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 filming this video featuring all of these awesome and dedicated cosplayers. Please share the video and subscribe to our channel Millquas Movies!

Rick Grimes Love Cards

What if The Walking Dead and Love Actually collided in to one movie? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?
Well here is a taste of what it may have looked like. Please subscribe and enjoy!

Stormtrooper Target Practice

Finalist in the 2015 Star Wars Fan Film Competition. Finalist in 2 categories: Best Comedy & Fan Favorite

Ever wanted to know what happened during the first annual

Stormtrooper target practice? Check out this video and

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Captain America fan film (Capt ‘Murica)

Featuring Jesse Parent, Izzi Keener, and Mary Etuk as Black Widow, Captain ‘Murica is a spoof fan film made in admiration of Captain America, The Winter Soldier. Please give it a look, and share with your friends!