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True Grit

True Grit, based on the old John Wayne movie (1969), is a remix of the old grit with new actors, new director(s), and new parlor tricks.
At first blush, this is a pretty good movie. I enjoy a good modern western, which don’t mosey our way very often any more. This is a good solid movie that, in my opinion, loses steam and charm towards the latter part of the film. Matt Damon is in this movie and plays Lebeuf, and he is so drab and not fun to watch. The more he was in it, the less I wanted to watch. Jeff Bridges, who plays, Rooster Cogburn, did fantastically embodying “grit” and did a fine and interesting job throughout the film.
Little Hailee Steinfeld was the breakthrough performance and should get an oscar nod. She was solid. I look forward to seeing her career take off.

The Coen Brothers directed this film, which was decent but lacked a certain energy and tension that I felt the dialogue could have been geared toward. It got flat and un-interesting once the shooting started, and I wanted more. I want more from these professional directors who seem to have the ability to put a movie together, pretty well, but lack some certain elements that make it spectacular.
Tarantino should have directed this movie.

I still recommend that you see it. Hardly any blood or cursing, and no sexual stuff.

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