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Sucker Punch

Still not quite sure why its called “Sucker Punch”, however I am pleased that I did see this visual stunna! Zach Snyder, out with another attempt to out-do his epic killing spree 300, has taken yet another high concept movie and added his knack for shooting things at 60fps. They even chose to film the falling potatoes in slow mo (for effect I’m sure).

This movie is full of hotties kicking butt! This movie is truly a nerds wonderland. Hot girls wielding swords (hello Emily Browning), high powered tactical rifles, hatchets, fighting dragons in WWII style bombers, fast train rides, bombs, and helicopters. All of these elements combined make a good camouflage for a mildly lacking storyline. But hey, I understand, Zach’s movies are not about the story, but are about visual smorgasbords, high amounts of death, and a lot of green screen work.

I do not think this is a bad movie. I do not think it will win academy awards, maybe for visual effects and sound design…maybe. I do think you will enjoy it if you go in expecting and wanting out of it what I have described. It is what it is.

Post Script: Hottie Vanessa Hudgens kickin some major trash in this film. Hotness ensued.

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