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Hiding Glass


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Political Drama

Tag Line:

Truth comes out in wine.

Log Line:

After losing her job, a woman turns to illegally producing and distributing wine in a near future prohibition state.


In the suburbs in the not too distant future lives Taylor Welch, a woman who thought she had security in her life until she unexpectedly loses her job during a recession. As this news hits, this puts added pressure on her existing relationship with soon to be fiance Cody. Desperate for a way to make money, she turns to alcohol production.

As she starts her distillery, the law of the state changes to prohibit alcohol production, distribution and consumption. As she struggles to find her footing in the given landscape, a mystery unfolds as to why statewide prohibition was passed. Fighting against the unseen and unknown forces, she continues to explore how far she is willing to go to provide for herself and save her mortgage, even at the expense of her existing relationship.

Taylor hooks up with an out of state distributor, Tyson, and as she tries her first pass over state lines, they are almost busted. The second attempt, granted under scrutinous supervision by Tyson, is foiled by the underground godfather of alcohol distribution, the congressman who wrote the prohibition bill. Taylor and Tysons operation is exposed to the public and they are forced to figure out how to turn the tables back in their favor. Tyson has a plan. They execute the operation and Taylor is forced to make a choice, proceed, or walk away. She walks away.

Several months later, as Taylor and Cody smooth our their future, it is revealed that the congressman was found out, and is placed under custody.

Hiding glass is a political drama with themes of alcohol, self discovery, struggles with faith and being stuck in situations with no way out.

The estimated budget for Hiding Glass is 560,830.00 without A and P costs.

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