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The Middle of Fear

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Sci Fi Psychological Thriller

Tag Line:

When you’re trapped with your nightmares and no one believes you…

Log Line:

An agoraphobic woman, struggles to overcome her mental health problems as her house is tormented by a family of extra terrestrials.


In a suburb of Salt Lake City live Chelsey, her daughter Samantha (Sammy) and her boyfriend Josh.  Chelsey is the unspoken leader of this young, not yet married family and also is an agoraphobic trying to overcome her fears.

The story opens with Josh (30’s, Japanese) and Sammy (10-12) on a nature hike. During their outing, they come across a precious stone. Not fully knowing exactly what it is, they take it home. Chelsey makes a necklace out of the stone and wraps it around Sammy’s neck.

Chelsey, in constant battle with wanting to be productive and outside, is approached by the neighborhood proselyte Jennifer Harvest (50’s) who is persistently trying to bring her in to a Christian fold. As Chelsey starts her gardening, Jennifer glides over to make her move. Chelsey tries to gracefully evade the situation.

That night, at weekly game night, Shelly (30’s, brunette) and Trevor (30’s) display their ongoing feud consisting of Shelly’s paranoia of men which includes theories of Trevor’s infidelity. Shelly, being Chelsey’s mental crutch, is always at game night.

While the fun is happening downstairs, including a visit from “Dancing Pizza”, a tree branch crashes through Sammys window upstairs startling the group. They rush to investigate and find no trace of mischief.

The next morning a tree consultant comes over to access the tree situation. Chelsey begs Josh to cancel the window repair until he is home from work. During breakfast Sammy asks Chelsey about Bible facts. Chelsey is agitated.

Josh forgets about rescheduling the window repairman. Chelsey is agitated.

Later that day, Chelsey attempts to garden.As she is hard at work, Jennifer slips over, handing her a pamphlet and inviting her to 6am church group meetings. Chelsey evades the situation only to soon be confronted with a big imposing window repairman being in her house. She takes her frustrations out on Sammy and orders her out of the house.

As Sammy tries to cure her boredom she climbs the tree outside of her window investigating why the branch broke. Gravity takes hold and she falls, spraining her ankle. Chelsey calls Josh at work to come to her aide. He is unsympathetic to her not being able to take Sammy to the hospital. Shelly comes to the rescue.

But before Shelly swoops in, she is taking care of her own paranoia’s and doing recon on Trevor, her boyfriend. Parked outside of the house he is in, she watches, looking for clues.

Later on in the living room, Sammy sits in curiosity, grabbing a hold of the Jesus pamphlet and starts to read it but gets caught by Chelsey. This drives fury in to Chelsey. The situation is important enough that she charges down to Jennifer’s house and threatens her. Upon her stormy return, she locks the doors and as she does, a juvenile alien runs across the living room and jumps out of the window. In a whirlwind, Chelsey shuts and locks all windows and doors.

The cops are called and a report is filed, though Chelsey does not know exactly who or what it was.

That night, Chelsey and Josh sit in their living room, sweating from the lack of circulation in the house. As Josh continues to try and understand Chelseys position, he tries to empower her by helping her be in control of the situation and re opening the windows, but she crumbles to the floor in a mild panic attack.

The next morning, Josh finds Jennifer lingering around the side of the house. Being proactive, he buys motion detector lights and a surveillance camera to protect the house.

That night the neighbor Freddy invites Josh over to help him look at something that happened to his roof. As Josh is about to inspect, they both turn and see an ice cream truck going haywire and creeping down the street.  Josh follows it down the street and investigates where the passenger went, though he was the only one that saw. He gets sufficiently creeped out then goes home for game night.

As game night ensues, Josh notices that his brand new motion detector light is now dangling from the roof, so he goes to re-attach it. Chelsey, being somewhat inebriated, bravely goes out to help. She sees the alien inside the tool shed, freaks out, and as she runs by Josh, he falls off his ladder. Chelsey charges inside, and after she and Shelly figure out that the phantom menace is no more, they let injured Josh back in to the house. Chelsey goes in to a catatonic state and falls asleep on the living room floor.

That night in a horrifying moment, the aliens breach Sammys new window while Chelsey is tending to Sammy, who can’t hear anything because she has earplugs in. Chelsey freezes up and blacks out, then wakes up screaming. Josh rushes in but becomes skeptical of Chelsey, and even more of her mental health.

The next day, a very vulnerable Chelsey gets in to a nasty fight with the overprotective Shelly, which leaves Chelsey alone with no one to trust her.

Soon after, Jennifer Harvest glides down the street and gently brings Sammy home to teach her about the bible, or worse. Chelsey soon realizes Sammy has been taken. She is paralyzed with fear and cannot move until she sees the alien face to face. She gains strength in knowing she isn’t crazy and she storms off to retrieve her child.

Will I give away the end? Noooooooo…..

The estimated budget for The Middle of Fear is 1.2 million without A and P.

The Middle of Fear would be a great theater experience. We hope to have TMOF enjoy a limited theater release, then be sent to DVD and other distribution platforms national and international.

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