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DARK SIDE DATING – compilation

Back in December we created 3 Dark Side Dating videos featuring Kylo Ren, Sheev Palpatine, and TK – 421 (Big TK) so to synch it up a bit… here is a supercut/compilation of those videos. We hope you get a laugh out of the satire, and if you do please hit the like and subscribe buttons.

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A Frosty Romance

Ever wonder what would happen if you combined the DC universe with a Disney princess? Well here’s one rendition to consider. Check out A Frosty Romance Starring Kat Nelson as Elsa and Blake Martin as Mr. Freeze.

Westeros Birthdays!

Ever wondered what a Game of Thrones themed birthday would look like? Check out our video below!

Rick Grimes Love Cards

What if The Walking Dead and Love Actually collided in to one movie? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?
Well here is a taste of what it may have looked like. Please subscribe and enjoy!