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Music Videos

Have you ever wanted to do a music video to promote your band or singing career? Well here is your opportunity.
Millquas Productions offers reasonable rates for high end video production.

If you dont know where to start, let us help!
See the Hire Millquas Productions button at the top of the page for more info!

Devoraeux (Directors Cut)

Written by Warren Workman, Lucas Millhouse, Marissa Macias
Directed by Warren Workman, Lucas Millhouse, Marissa Macias
Cinematography by Lucas Millhouse
Starring Jonathan Tate
Entry for the 48 Hour Film Festival

Color Correction Reel

Color Correction Demo, Lucas Millhouse from Lucas Millhouse on Vimeo.

Using Apple Color
Magic Bullet Looks

Contact Lucas Millhouse to color grade your next project!

Zombo, A Documented Incident

Zombo, A Documented Incident, is about a documentary film crew that comes across an actual zombie, so they kidnap it. Upon getting this massive zombie in to the directors house, they soon find out what the consequences are of taking captive their subject.

Starring Rosalie Bertrand, Jason A. Wild, Lee Fobert and Gregg Christensen, this raunchy mocumentary horror comedy twists and turns until it all comes crashing down.

Produced, Written and Directed by Lucas Millhouse.

You can now order a copy of Zombo! Get yours today! Makes a great gift for your loved ones! Want to surprise her on a romantic outing? Give her a copy of Zombo! Need something playing in the background for 25 minutes? Get a copy of Zombo!
For $9.99 you get Zombo A Documented Incident AND Commodity by Clayton Gerrard. Thats 2 for the price of 1!


Stay tuned for more festival announcements!

Commodity by Clayton Gerrard

A Millquas Production original!
This is the first budgeted short film done by Millquas Productions. We had a kickstarter account that helped raise $500. The actors worked for free so they could get experience and footage for their reels.

I was really quite a challenge and very fun to try and make something so simple, yet it turned out to be complicated enough to give us some fits with the audio.

Commodity Premiered on January 15th in Taylorsville Utah to a crowd of about 20.

Commodity – Trailer

Commodity, Written by Clayton Gerrard


Promotional video for, invented by Kelvin Glis

Zoeys War Run

This is a "pet" project I did with my roommate and my dog. First attempt at using special effects like this.

Sexual Harassment, Pakistan and China

Recently Jonathan Tate and I made a few videos, for fun, hoping to draw some attention to ourselves and how funny we are.
Here they are:

Gum and Shoe