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Cyranerd CardGenre:

Nerd Comedy/Romance

 Tag Line:

Nerd World Problems

Log Line:

In a modern twist on the Cyrano De Bergerac tale, a legendary nerd helps his jock business associate attract the woman of the nerd’s dreams.


Cyd Deberg and a group of friends descend upon a popular Sci Fi convention. Lenny Jenner peddles a brand new video                     game he has designed. As Chris, a handsome and athletic investor, comes to check out the game, he falls in lust with Cyd’s  love interest, Rox, the hot nerd. Cyd, loses a bet to Chris and aides him to win over Rox. As the convention progresses, Monte Flurry attempts to undermind Cyd, Lenny’s game, and the convention. During the Live Action Role Play war at the conventions last day, Cyd realizes that his great friend Brittany is in love with him and has been right in front of him the whole time. He defeats Monty in an all out nerd sword war and claims his love leaving Rox to the jock, and Lenny to a financed video game.

Cyranerd is currently in Pre Production.

The estimated budget for Cyranerd is 765,000,000 without A and P costs included.

Cyranerd will enjoy a limited regional release, then be sent to DVD.


If you wish to speak directly to Lucas Millhouse (Producer) or Warren Workman (Producer/Publicity) Please call 801-839-4324 or email