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Meet the Team

Lucas Millhouse

Writer /Director /Producer

Lucas is the proprietor of Millquas Arts. A man of many skills (as he has been required to be,) Lucas is known to have knowledge about all aspects of video production and filmmaking. He also enjoys silly comedy films, along with spending time with his Basinji/Malenois mix rescue dog named Zoey.

Benjamin Naccarato

Videographer /Social Media Marketing

Ben is a corporate videographer and former student from SLCC where he majored in video/film production. Ben has been associated with Millquas Arts in several capacities for the last 10 years. He is currently specializing in videography and Social Media Marketing to help deliver the best results possible for clientele. Ben is married with 7 children (wow) and currently plays on a rec soccer league late night on Monday’s.

Eve Keener

Producer/ Makeup Artist

Eve has been doing makeup, both beauty and FX for 6 years. Recently Eve has taken on her first Producing roll for her first feature film. If you like chill people, you will probably not like Eve, though she tries… (J.K. she’s super chill and fun to be around)

Dan Herbas

Cinematographer /Editor

Dan is a corporate Videographer and graduate from UVU’s video and film production department. Dan has worked in many capacities, excelling in cinematography and commercial video. Dan can also crush a coffee can against his head, but does not do it for free anymore. (feel free to inquire about specialty performances)

Mario DeAngelis

Producer /Production Manager

Mario is a former Film Production professor at East Hollywood High and has an incredibly diverse portfolio ranging from Writer /Producer to P.A. He has over 200 IMDB credits and still finds time to volunteer on the side. Mario is also in the market for a Bill O’Reiley super-fan t-shirt and is an XL…

Caroline Kingsley

Producer /Writer

Caroline Kingsley is an award-winning journalist, author, producer, and marketing director. Caroline is a producer of the comedic heist feature film Lakes 7 and the Golden Gun, and is creator and producer of the mocumentary feature film Midsingles Retreat, (in development) and Lead Writer on several upcoming projects. Caroline lives in Heber, Utah, with her three children and cat: the beginning of an illustrious old maid feline collection.