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Curse of the Werehuahua

We are 2 weeks away from starting production on Curse of the Werehuahua, a Comedy/Horror film being shot in SLC and surrounding areas.

Official Image – Copyright Millquas Productions 2020

“Werehuahua” written by Lucas Millhouse and Jake Harenberg, documents the story of 2 best friends who must navigate the perils of an ancient curse as soon as one of them is bitten by a radioactive chihuahua. What’s short, hairy, and will wreck your Friday night? Find and follow the production on FB to find out!

Featuring many familiar faces and some new local acting talent including but not limited to Aleks Ignjatovic, Jonathan Tate, Brittany Shamy, Megan Golden, Bakir Mehinovic, and Lucas Millhouse.

Curse of the Werehuahua is a Millquas Production and Millquas’ 4th feature film expected to be in theaters in early October.